Thursday, May 27, 2010

letting go

Bahhh my head hurts. Why? Because I was doing flips in my front yard. And I fell on my head. I came in and told my mom and she yelled at me saying, "you made your choice to not do gymnastics anymore so if you want to do flips maybe you made the wrong decision!!" I don't think I made the wrong decision, but I know the decision I made was hard. It's not easy for me to be completely done with the thing I've had my whole life. It's really sad but good at the same time. I have so much free time and it's amazing!!!!!! But I miss it. And I'll miss it for a long time. But that's ok. You have to let go of things.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Almost the end

So today was the dress rehearsal for my gym's big team show. It was really fun and amazing but it made me kind of sad! I only have 2 more days with the people I've spent my life with. I see them everyday for 4 hours... we go through all the same pains and successes and it's just going to be really sad not getting to share that with them anymore. Plus I was just starting to get to know some of the younger girls in my group but now I'm leaving! And who knows if I'll be able to do some of the stuff I can do now in like.... a few months? On the upside I'll have tons of free time. I can do what I want without being held down by obligations. I get to try new things. I get to be free in a sense. Finally be a (semi) normal teenager. For a while at least. It's exciting and scary at the same time but I guess that's just life.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

whoahy whoah

Ok so I definitely said I was not ever going to get a blog. But it looks fun and I hate to admit it but I tend to jump on the bandwagon for certain things. So here goes.
I'm not very deep or profound.... but sometimes when I figure out how to say what I feel I guess I can be. Tonight is not one of those nights. I have such bad senioritis I just wanna listen to music and be with my friends :) Right now I'm happy because things in my life seem to be going just how I want them to.. which never happens. I made nationals....and did really well (for me).... after crashing my car I got a nicer one.....I eventually got into the college I really wanted to go to in the first place... and other things :) I've realized that some people in life get things handed to them. I am not one of those persons. It took me 15 years to get where I wanted in gymnastics, it took crashing my car to get one that wasn't totally sketchy, and it took me accepting the fact that I was going to CNU until I finally heard back from JMU. It's not a big deal, I think it makes me a stronger person to have to go through all of that to get where I need to be. But that's all I've gotta say right now :)