Saturday, July 31, 2010


Sometimes I really want to go to college. I just feel suffocated with where I am and what I'm doing and with some of the people I am around. I can't wait to learn new things (weird right??) and meet new people and spend time with my older brother and just be myself in a new environment. But then other times it obviously really scares me. It makes me think. There are some people I'm just starting to get close to and I'm just going to have to leave them in a month. Sometimes I feel like I need more time. I need more time with the people I've known forever. I need more time with Elizabeth and Kathryn. I'm with them everyday...and I still want more time with them. What's going to happen when I don't see them everyday. Are we going to change? Are we going to drift? That scares me. I want more time with the people I'm just starting to know too. There are some people that I know I could get to know and be really close to but there's not enough time for it to happen. I've only been going out with my boyfriend for 2 months and I have to leave. That's gonna suck not being able to see him whenever I want. 2 hours isn't impossible but it definitely makes things harder. It's just sad. I know I'm not alone... there are tons of 18 year olds out there going through the same exact thing as me. It just sucks to think about. But it's good in some ways too. Definitely a bittersweet feeling.

Friday, July 30, 2010

i can talk to you on the phone for 5 hours :)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pajama Party!!! :)

Soo after me and Kat had zero luck at forever 21 today (shocker.. no seriously) I went to RICARDO'S!!!!! house with Eric and... Ben.... and another dude. Imagine Josh.... with more energy... and more sexual jokes... and more awkward comments....times like 3. That's Ben. It was fun though. I think hanging out with boys is hilarious. There's so much less drama it's kinda nice. And being the only girl is fun. We basically hung out, went to Ricardo's restaurant, went back to his house and failed at watching a movie so me, rico, and eric went to eric's house to watch it. Then we just talked... I think Ricardo is the funniest kid ever. Buuuut yeah it was really fun. Me gustaaaaa :)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010



Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Roller Skating.

Wobbling. Being passed by 4 year-old super skaters. Falling. On our asterisks. Literally :(
Then falling again. Then getting yelled at over the loud speaker that if "there are beginner skaters there's a practice rink we need to go on..." RUDE. Watching old men disco skate. Trying to pee with skates on. Not easy. These are the joys that are roller skating. Life is good.

Kat got me Havaianas from Brazilll! :)

Monday, July 26, 2010

That's why you work at Krispy Kreme...

OHHHHH. Me and Eric encountered a very rude Krispy Kreme employee today who charged us for a dozen donuts WE DIDN'T WANT! And then proceeded to blame it on us. Ugh. Whatever. It will be ok. I also ate dinner with his familia which was fun :) baha his dad is hilarious. My arms are so sore peeps. Liiiike. Wowy. Um. Well. I am soooooo profound tonight it's kind of awe inspiring. Anywho here's my pic for the dia. Me and Eric wandered through Church Hill..... what a great area of Richmond... naht.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lake, Beach, woooooohooooooo

Sooo the past few dias have been rully fun. On Saturday we went to this place called Hadad's Lake. It's kinda like Overhill Lake... but it was fun. There was this blobby thing that you could get launched off of. Thaaaat was pretty epic. Thennnnn i decided to go to elizabeth's and crash because I couldn't be home. Wasn't an option at the time. This morning I went with her family to VA beach which was fun. Except for the jelly fish. And the kids who put the dead jelly fish in our hand made pool. Anger. But that's ok. It was good. Blahhh. Here's another pic pic.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Bahh. Lakey Lake. Wif mah youf group. Yayyy. Sarah Towel and Haley Cover Up :)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Picture 4 :)))))

Today was Mike's birthday soooooo naturally he has a box on his head.
I realllllllllllllly miss you. I miss comparing birthmarks. And eye color. And eating skittles out of bowls. And making cupcake batter face masks. And getting into trouble in workout rooms and sticking plungers to Barnes and Noble bathroom stalls. I miss prank calling Rainbow Station. And always being the only one that understood you. And you always understanding me. We talked for hours about everything no matter how long it had been since we'd last seen each other. I miss mad libs with you. You knew me so well. I can't really blame anyone but myself for letting you go. One of these days I'll tell you. And maybe things will get back to normal.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Picture3 :)

Bahh. 3rd pic. Mmmmmm donuts :) Love me some Krispy Kreme.
I hate sounding emo and I hate when people do this but whatever. It makes me feel better. Because you certainly don't. I can't talk to you. I can't say one simple thing. Why is it so easy for you to walk away. Literally walk away when we're having a...discussion? A 5 word exchange? It's confusing. And I don't know if I should just get over it or if I should dwell on it like I do with everything. And I can't just tell you that you suffocate me because I don't know how you'll react. And I'm sick of locking myself in my room and crying it makes me feel like I'm 13. You think we're perfect and our family is perfect and we're all so happy and yay let's go pick flowers because we're amazing!!!! Our relationship is so messed up and you don't even know it. You tell me you love me everyday but I think you mean you love your daughter. I don't think you love me. I think you love having a person to dress and watch and live through and to have an unconditional love thrown back at you. We're good on the outside. I guess you're good on the outside and inside. So that must mean everything's ok. And the ironic thing is you hate when people are oblivious. Really now?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Picture Numero Dos

Soooo dis is mi second picture. I was at Busch Gardens all day with Eric but I didn't bring my camera :( I defffffff missed out on lots of picture taking oportunities. Buuuut that's ok here's my sweet (un-used) buzz light year band-aid on my lap top. Don't be too jealous. It's unattractive. Anywho. Today was fun :) Me and Eric went to Busch Gardens for like......ever :)
I love roller coasters. They're the bomb dot com. And we rode the Griffon finally!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bahh new favorite roller coaster. Thennnn we went to Waffle House. Oh wait we ate weiners in Germany. Anyway we saw Meagan at Casa de.... wafalas. I love her. I guess. Haha even though she thinks I'm on drugs. That's ok. Alright. My feet are sunburnt. WOOOOOH. Worth it though brahhhhs.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Soooo a while ago I saw these blogs where you take a picture every day for a year and then put it up on a blog. And I tried it but I got too lazy. Sooo since I actually have a blog that I use now I think I'm going to try again..... it's not like the pictures I take are amazing I'm just gonna take a few pictures every day I guess and choose one that looks cool to put up. I think it'll be fun because a year goes by and sometimes you don't even know what you did with it. This way some of the stuff I do I can maybs remember..sooo yeah I'm starting today brosefinas and thurs my first picture downtown.. with elizabeth sitting next to me driving somewhere :)

"10 percent bitch!"

Me and Elizabeth won't go to the pool for 15 minutes then get bored. We won't go to Belle Isle and get sketched upon by like 70 groups of people. Nope. We won't take crazy amounts of pictures while we're there either. We definitely won't fall several times trying to get to THE rock. And we won't watch an old...person... talk to themselves.. and us? We won't die of thirst either. We won't go to Bottom's Up and get pizza juice squirted in our eyes. And why would you think our waiter would be such a whore?? And we didn't give her 10% tip because she wouldn't give us our freakin soda refills. No way. We won't walk down cary street for about 1o minutes then walk back. Who do you think we are? And we won't jam to music brah. It's against our religion. We would never sit around doing nothing and just talk about everything. Like. Whaaaa? Nope. We did none of that. We won't do it. Nahhh jay kay we totes mcgotes did :)

Monday, July 19, 2010


Goldfish are tastey. I like them a lot. At night. They taste the nom nomiest. Nom Nom NOm. Orangey. and Salty. And Taily. And Eyey. Yummmmm. I should go to the bed now. Tired. I'm a tired golfish. Yessss.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

When I was little.......

When I was little I hugged horses in toy stores. I wore jumpers. I thought when people chewed gum they were chewing their tongues. I was the pink power ranger. I played with dolls for hours. I didn't believe in Santa. Everyone was the same. I wanted to be in movies. I was shy. I pretended. Hide and seek was my favorite game. I called her Mommy. I cried. I stuck my head out the car window. I jumped in puddles. I picked dandelions. I dreamed about my husband. I wanted long hair. I watched Arthur. I didn't care if people liked me. I barely looked in mirrors. I looked in mirrors but didn't criticize what I saw. I didn't think. I spun. I didn't cuss. I kept in touch. I didn't know my brothers. I ate hamburger buns with ketchup on it. I tried to walk on air.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Woffee House!

Yet again, Waffle House has been my source of entertainment for the night. I do love that place. Twas Elizabeth, Stephania, Carlton, and Eric and we were all a lilllllll too hyper. But it was hilarious. We managed to make a new friend, Meagan. She was our waitress for the noche. I have to admit we definitely scared her a lil bit. We also had some stalkers. The two....people.... behind us were sketchin us out. And thennnn a group of know it all, too cool for school 20 somethings sat behind us. And they were very angry at us. Buuuut you know what?? They were just jealous. And I think we told them to suck itttttt quite a few times. All in all though, it was a really funny night. I love laughing uncontrollably with my best friends. It's my favorite thing in the world :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

red robin, tie dye, and waffle house oh my! :)

Red Robin: Yummy burgers. Except when you eat them too fast and have a stomach ache for an hour and have to get your bff to rub it for you. (thanx liz)

Tie Dye/Hair Dye: Tie dying is so much fun. I love getting things messy. And getting my hands inky. And looking like I killed someone with my bare hands YES! I also love hair dye. It's fun having different hair for a little while. Especially when one must take senior pictures in a week. Gnarly.

Waffle House: The good, the bad, the choco chip waffles. I love this house of goodness. It never ceases to be an adventure. There's always something new to learn at Waffle House. Oh yes. This is summer :)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Shut out

I know my family life is a lot better off than most people's but it really sucks not being able to say what I want to my mother. I can't open up and tell her how I feel. If she gets pissy at me I have to take it because she will take everything away and sorry but I kinda need stuff to uhhh... live... She gets to be mad at me but I can't tell her how mad I really get. Because I won't get to go to college. Or she'll take my car away. Or she'll ground me. Or she'll take my clothes. Yeah she's threatened me with that one before.. And most people think I'm exaggerating. It's just emotionally tiring having to keep in everything. I can't tell her that she hurts my feelings or she is unreasonable or just closed minded and it's really old. Soo since I can't tell her, and I can't just sit here and scream about it all I can think of to do is cry. Which sucks. My mom makes me cry. Sweet. Love you too.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Michael James :)

Soooo I just added a bunch of blogs on here... not trying to be a stalker I just like reading people's blogs because they're interesting!!

Anywho. You know who I think is gorgeous?? You're so right!! My little brother!!!
I think he is adorable. His eyes are the prettiest brown ever :) He looks exactly like Jack it's kind of scary. And the older he gets the more he looks like him. He has the cutest dimples and his lower lip is big and he sticks it out when he gets mad. Even though he denies it. His hair is getting so much like Jack's too. He's gonna have good hair fo sho. Even though he won't let me play with it :( His arms are too long for his short body and he's still a scrawny little boy to me. He's starting to outgrow me though and it's weird. He is the nicest little boy ever. He always forgives me even when (which I always am) I am a total jerk/brat/meany/stupid head. It's so easy to make him laugh, I love it. This little kid is amazing. I love him :)