Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Song of Solomon

So I'm going to start reading Song of Solomon. Mostly because I think it sounds pretty. And it's very poetic. Sadly, I could not really understand what it was about so far, I mean I saw the word "love" a lot but..... it's the Bible, there's all sorts of versions of love in there.

So, like a stereotypical millennium child would do, I looked it up online. Yes, I went there. A girl can use her resources can't she!?

From what I can see, it is about love between a husband and a wife. Coolio.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 14

Hannah's duct taped glasses. can't wait to take really cool pics this summer :D

Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 13 in Picsss

oh hi bea and meghan

Dayyy 10,11,and 12. I need to stop

getting behind... it confuses me.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

R to the V to the A

I'm coming home tomorrow!
Praise the Lord!
I need to come home. Totally mcgotally.

I cannot wait for all of us to be together!!! And by all of us I mean my mom, my dad, mikey, Jack, Kelly and Eric. Because I considered Kelly and Eric part of our family now. It will be awesome and refreshing.

Yay. Lalalalalallalalallalalallalallalalalalala.

Dia Nueve de los fotos

"I love you for giving me you smile"

however kinda crooked it may be :D


pastor phillip :D

Another thing you may want to take from this lesson is to get rid of the idea that every single step of your life has been mapped out by God, and that it’s your job ahead of time to figure out what those steps are. It appears God doesn’t really guide like that, and God isn’t that much of a control freak. People of faith can often get stuck in that trap, though, always waiting for some special secret oracle, some clear signpost that will let them know which path at the fork in the road to take. They worry and wonder about which decision would actually be in God’s will. I mean, sometimes there may be signs, mentors, who can point away. But the danger is getting frozen in your tracks, paralyzed by the thought that your powers of decision may somehow nullify God’s ability to bring good from any circumstance

The cross is evidence of God’s ability to redeem any decision we make.

what i needed. and need to remember.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

day 8 in pics and now im caught up! the end! for today!

7th picccccc im behind crappp

I was bored whilst reading gcom. but i found this pic. and took a pic of the pic.

all that's left is your whole life

I'm sitting in a random area of the library, one that I guess I've never ventured to before. It's kinda sunny, kinda cloudy, you know the kind of weather where it's in between but if feels good outside so it still qualifies as "it's so nice out!"

I'm sitting in a comfy chair, facing a wall of windows. And it's the funniest thing, well not funniest.. but there are these little pieces of plastic attached to the windows, and the air conditioning is below them, making them kinda shimmer in the sunlight. Which is cool because behind it is the sky, so it's like the sky is shimmering on me.

I just remembered things aren't so bad after all, I need to stay hopeful that happiness is NOT unattainable, and everything will work out. I will be where I am meant to be. I'm not alone in this, and I'm not going to be left scared and sad.

I just wish I could remember that even when things get rough. I need this patch of sunlight to carry around with me so I'll always remember not to be too down!!!

best things in my life <3

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 6

That was my night last night: studying/reading/eating and drinking sugar to stay awake/skyping Eric so I had some company/blowing my nose because there is an endless supply of snot in there.

Day 5 in Pictures

yeah... don't really know what to say. I was bored.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Hmmm many times has Kim cried today?
This week is ridiculous, and it's only Monday. Not to mention I'm sick.
I'm tired of feeling broken, I want out of here.


I wish I had an awesome voice, because I freakin love singing!!! At least I can somewhat carry a tune, I'll settle for that brahskies. In another universe I was a rockstar, I'm sure of it.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day Four in Pictures

Ummm this kinda represents the fact that Meghan and I needed to get a lot of work done today, but we didn't. At least we went to the library!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Day Three in Pictures :D

Today Meghan, Hannah, and I spent some lovely time on the quad. It was very nice. And I got a picture of Meghan's lil eyeball :D

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day Two in Pictures

Meghan does not like her picture being taken. You'd think she would have gotten over that by now, what with me being her roommate and all.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day One in Pictures

So here's my first picture of the day.
My headphones are broken. The inside reminds me of an ear, which is kind of funny right?

Relief. Sigh.

Sooooo I am feeling quite relieved right now.

Over spring break I decided that I was going to do something about my unhappiness at JMU and apply to VCU. I've started the application, and I'm almost done with it which is fabulous :D

All I have left is to finish the scholarship essay, which I think I have written well so far.

Where the stress came in aside from actually applying however, was telling my future roommate that if I was accepted at VCU I would most likely be there in the fall. I finally told her today and she took it so well, I literally thanked God for her reaction seconds after it happened.

Therefore I am a happy Kimmy, a person I honestly haven't seen much of lately.

I'm still of course stressed about finishing my essay, figuring out transcript and other stuff I need to send in, getting accepted, my present work load, moving, my family being in another state, etc, etc. If I look at it in a positive light it doesn't seem so bad.

"And be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age." matt 28:20

Bah! That is pretty comforting if you ask me.

Justin Bieber.

I think everyone needs to hug Justin Bieber. He either gets a lot of love or a lot of hate. And it makes me sad. He can't help that he's what, 16, 17? We were all 17, maybe our voices were a teeny bit lower and we weren't pop stars catering to a screaming mass of pre-teens, but that doesn't mean we have to hate him! "He's a person too!" No seriously he is! Some people don't get what the love attraction for him is, well I don't froggin understand the hate attraction for him! He's just a dude singin (which for some of you is a relative term when it comes to him) geez! There's tons of singers we don't like but we don't hate all of them! Tis weird. And come one he's cute! And he seems nice! Just because he's famous doesn't mean he isn't real guys.........Be nice to the Bieb!!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

" I love you... and do you know that's scary?"

If you left what would be left of me? I'd rather not know. I'd rather believe life doesn't end until we've done everything we've needed to do, until there's nothing keeping us from moving on, until we've had enough time to truly live. To love completely. But that does't happen does it? I'm constantly afraid you won't be here one day. I should live for this second but how can I help dreaming about the future? Feelings are a funny thing, so uncontainable, unable to be defined like a mathematical equation. It is so frustrating to place so much happiness in something so fragile. But it's beautiful all the same. That someone freely loves me and purely wants me to be happy is beautiful to me. Sometimes I don't believe it. I had been overlooked and dismissed for so long I didn't know how it felt to be loved with no make up on. With my temper. With my impatience and my imperfect body. With my unending insecurities and blunt mannerisms. With my selfishness and my inability to stop talking. I'm still loved. And I thank God every day that He gave someone that ability to love me.


...on a side note. Looking at those pictures made me want to start taking more. I think I'm going to start taking a picture of every day for a year. I did it not too long ago, but I gave up. It's really not as easy as you'd think. So yeah. Go pictures.

Faves from Belle Isle

Props to Eric, I like this one a lot.

Lookin at the back of the hydro-electric plant.
Cool graffiti.... well. I don't know what it says but I like the colors.
OOooOO so artsy Eric. JK I like it. Obviously.

Yeah yeah, this has bad words in it. Whatever I still like it, that's Richmond. It's real so whatever.
Probs my favorite picture of spring break. I like all the bright colors on a really bleak, run down building. It's cool.


......I come in peace....

Friday, March 11, 2011


Denny's. Don't ask. Because I can't really explain.

So I had lunch with Ariel today and it was fabulous!!
It was so awesome to catch up with someone that used to be my sister basically. I'm definitely going to rebuild that relationship. And that makes me really excited.

At around dinner time I met up with Kat, Eric, Alex, Colin, Jesse, and Josh. It was kind of a random group of people, but that's ok.

After dinner it was just Kath, Alex, Eric and me makin walmart runs for cake mix and redbox. We had a lot of fun baking a cake, playing Burger King kid's meal games, takin pics, Kat's car getting saran wrapped, watching a creepy movie. It was really cool getting to hang out with Alex. I missed him!!

But yes. I am tired. And in a content mood. Praise the Lord.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I know I'm missing something at JMU. I don't always know what it is, but I think I sort of have it figured out.

I don't feel welcome. I don't have a group of friends that loves me, I don't have something to call my own, I don't have my own thing. I don't have anything there that is calling me back.

And that makes me sad because all of my friends like or love the college they're apart of. They "love coming home but love going back"

Well I love coming home. That's where my sentence ends. There's nothing at JMU that is mine, I don't have a group of friends, I have 3. I think of school and I don't get a warm fuzzy feeling, I'm just going to a place that has some classes and a few separate friends of mine.

I'm just used to being extremely happy with my life, and I am very happy with my life, I'm thankful for my family, my friends, my boyfriend, the fact that I even get an education, but sometimes I feel like I deserve to be really happy about where I am, and to not just go through the motions there. Because that's what I'm doing.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's weird to think this may be my last spring break officially living in Richmond. Sad day.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

hardcore kids are not hardcore.

A night in the life of a crazy hardcore kid... minus going to an actual show....

-yelling at people as soon as they walk through the door
-car moshing downtown to go to..
-a place with very small hotdogs
-more car moshing of course
-walking in a semi sketch area to go to rite aid.
-being quacked at by the "duck man" yeah that freaked me out
-being told you have balls by a big scary guy..ew.
-watching people get homemade tattoos...
-throwing fire crackers... or fire poppers or whatever they're called.... down the stairs. freakin scared me.
-looking at sketchy abandoned buildings.......

yeah that's normal i guess......

Sunday, March 6, 2011


So here are some pictures I enjoy very much that have been taken so far. (it's only been like 2 days guys...)

best friends :D

i liked my swooshy hair.
oh hey serious liz.
oh hey laughing kathryn.
hehe i don't know why i just really liked this :D

om nom a gon

Yayy Spring Break! Some things that have already happened:

-awesome reunion/lunch with Haley
-Baker's Crust for our 9 month with Eric.
-Hangin out with my girls
-Waffle House amazingness. AKA drunk guys bein crazy. And singing OM NOM A GON with Steph ;)

-photo shoot with Liz and Kat (you'll see those stop crying everyone)
-dinner with Liz, Kat, Steph, Rachel, Elsbeth, Colin, and Matt.
-other shenanigans. involving. something.
-crazy croc movies at Liz's.

So happy I'm back for spring break!!!! I'm just chillin at home today which will be nice. I'm tired already haha and my mumma and I are gonna watch a movieeee yay!!!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Sigh of relief. Thank God for forgiveness.

And awesome friends in general that keep you accountable, and don't let things get too far without reeling you back in.


you were there when other people brought me down
you always made me feel amazing
you made me laugh
you make me feel like the best friend ever
you make me laugh so hard i cry/almost vomit

and all i do is ignore it
take advantage of it
expect it to be around forever

ive said these things before
ive said im sorry
and i understand if you don't accept it

i just want you to know how much i love you. and can't lose your friendship. it is honestly killing me that ive hurt you. i just wish you understood how much you mean. even though i haven't shown it.

i love you more than you know which also kills me. but hopefully i can explain it to you and i'll make things right again.

Going back...

It's funny how certain songs bring me back to moments in my life.
Probably because I listen to songs over and over again so whatever time of year I was listening to said song is permanently embedded in my mind.


Happy Day!

Ohhhhhhh happy day!!!

So my GCOM teacher told us we don't have class on Friday! Holler! That is my only Friday class! Double Holler!

AKA I get to come home tomorrow! At... 8 at night but whatever I don't care! Yay!