Wednesday, June 30, 2010


My callouses are going away and I guess my skin is getting softer... splits are getting harder and there are some things I definitely couldn't do anymore. I don't see everyone like I used to and I'm not part of them anymore..I'm not part of a team and that's weird. No more hairspray and no more medals and no more crying and no more hurting... no more flipping and being up there... no more rope and broken beams.....I'll eventually forget what chalk smells like and the way I felt before beam at meets. I won't be able to remember how much my body used to hurt or how good it felt to finally do everything right. Doing a handstand will one day become impossible and I won't be able to bend in half like I can now....I don't want to forgot anything...but it's kind of inevitable... none of this is a big deal. I'm just saying.

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