Thursday, July 8, 2010

Michael James :)

Soooo I just added a bunch of blogs on here... not trying to be a stalker I just like reading people's blogs because they're interesting!!

Anywho. You know who I think is gorgeous?? You're so right!! My little brother!!!
I think he is adorable. His eyes are the prettiest brown ever :) He looks exactly like Jack it's kind of scary. And the older he gets the more he looks like him. He has the cutest dimples and his lower lip is big and he sticks it out when he gets mad. Even though he denies it. His hair is getting so much like Jack's too. He's gonna have good hair fo sho. Even though he won't let me play with it :( His arms are too long for his short body and he's still a scrawny little boy to me. He's starting to outgrow me though and it's weird. He is the nicest little boy ever. He always forgives me even when (which I always am) I am a total jerk/brat/meany/stupid head. It's so easy to make him laugh, I love it. This little kid is amazing. I love him :)

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