Saturday, April 2, 2011


.......I'll get to that in a second.

First, I'm going to start off by saying United Blood was ridiculous. Sooo many people were there and moshing and it was crazy! But it was fun :D Definitely makes me think the warehouse is nothing now. I like watching kids go crazy hehehehe.

Today was really fun especially. I got lunch with Kat at Panera which was awesome. I love getting to hang out with my best frandd.

Then Eric and I headed over to Day 2 of UB. It was like I said, crizazy. We chilled mostly with Ricardo there which was really fun, I love Ricardo. We eventually got Bottom's Up which was very yummy, then headed over to Broad Street to see what was happening with the crowd... rioting is what was happening. There were sooooo many people, just going crazy, lighting things on fire, cheering, yelling, it was really a cool experience. After a few minutes though we thought there was tear gas so we ran away, when some of Eric's friends met up with us and told us we "had to go back" because there was a helicopter hovering around where we just were... aka something crazy was happening. Soooo we turned back around, just to run into tear gas. Let me just tell you, it is obviously a very unpleasant experience. it's name states... makes your eyes sting like crap and ya start crying, but mostly it hurt our throats, I thought I was gonna barf. It stopped after like 5 minutes though so it was ok. But ahhhh it was just crazy! It was awesome to see so many people show school spirit :D

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