Friday, April 8, 2011

Today was Lovely Because....

1. My GCOM class was cancelled. And so was my group meeting, meaning I got to sleep in. Yay.

2. I got lunch with one of my small group leaders, Betsey. I love her so much, she is so easy to talk to and understanding.

3. I went to UREC and ran a mile on the track. Although my legs are killing me right now, I'm proud of myself :D

4. I went to Large Group tonight, which I hadn't gone to in several weeks. I really enjoyed it, I had lots of fun with my Powdered Babies and I thought the speaker was cool.

5. I watched Prince Caspian with some of my friends from my small group afterwards, twas very fun.

All in all, it was a good day. I'm excited to spend more time with my whole small group tomorrow doing whatever it is Betsey and Melissa have in store for us! Yay!!

"Be a person, not an individual"

-from the speaker at large group. It was about focusing on not being so much of an individual that you ostracize yourself from the world, and even worse, God.

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