Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Picasso :D

I saw dat Picasso today with my mom. Twas very interesting, I felt lucky to be able to see it :D After the exhibit we got some sodas and just sat out on the little patio of the museum and chilled for a minute. It is really pretty out there, I recommend going for suree.

After that we went to Target and my mom bought me some super cute bathing suits! I love them. I'm a happy camper. And now I'm here waiting for a home cooked meal by Mama Greenshka!

Aaaaaand who knows what shall happen tonight yeah?

Here are some of the paintings from the Picasso exhibit I really liked:

These first two are called Coupling, and I just really like how they are the same subjects, just portrayed in completely different ways. I really like the second one. I know it's a little graphic, but then again it's not. They're just lines. And after all, apparently Picasso once said, "Art is never chaste."

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