Tuesday, May 24, 2011

River, naps, and too many tacos.

Today was marvelous. I went to the river with Liz and Eric which was sweet. We found a new place to go. Twas awesome, til it started raining.

Then we ate too much Mexi food. Too much. Me saying "too much food" means something.

Then we vegged out at Eric's casa. Twas a fun nap time. And when I say nap time I really mean " a fit of the afternoon giggles, sprinkled with 20 minutes of actually sleeping"

Thennnnn we drove around downtown, inevitably ending up at Liz's house Omegle-ing and watching TV.

Today was a WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Which brings me to...... ToMoRrOw.
I have a "working interview" at this gym called Core. And I'm nervous!!!!!! So wish me luck. Or I'll karate chop yo butt.

Yeah. Like this girl.

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