Saturday, December 18, 2010

Good Start

So Christmas break has officially started. Here's what went down:

-Upon returning home and hugging Eric in my front yard, he took me down with him into the snow. It was cold.

- We went to the mall with him and Ricardo (!) and his other friends. Which meant me and Ricardo had to go play gold at Dick's because Eric banished me so he could buy my present.

- Then Eric, Ricardo, and I met Kat at El Cap. It was quite yummy.

-After that we went to Eric's house, then we had a mini snowball fight, then we went to Blockbuster, didn't get a movie, went back to Eric's, at some point we went to Starbuck's and played an epic game of Jenga, then we looked at Christmas lights.

-Back to Eric's house, watched TEETH and it was hilarious. Twas a great night and a great start to break. PRAISE THE LORD I'M HOME!


  1. If I could like this, I woudln't...only because I love it! :D

  2. If I could like you, I wouldn't.... only because I love YOU!!!