Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sigh. After 1 and a half day of having Eric here, I'm sad to see him go. It was our 6th month-aversary yesterday so he came up to visit me. On Saturday he gave me my present :D which was a book about us up to this point basically. It had pictures and he wrote a bunch of our funny stories and jokes in it. I really really like it. After just hanging out and talking to Meghan we went to Texas Roadhouse which was ok even though I think the burger I ate might have made me sickish. After that we watched a movie slash talked to Hannah and Joel. It's nice to just chill and talk to him... we don't even have to go anywhere or do anything exciting. At about 1 in the morning Hannah, Joel, Eric and I decided to visit Meghan at work (a food place on campus) which was crazy. I didn't feel that well but that somehow made me more hyper... hehe. We got a little crazy after we ate our nachos.... there's a room in that building that has giant bean bags that we stacked on top of each other with a few other kids and it was really funny. Then we proceeded to flip, run, jump, and tumble on the bean bags.... we included table jumping and other various activities. Twas gnarly.
Today we just woke up, went to brunch with Hannah, Joel, and Meghan , worked on a Spanish presentation, hung out, then I just got back from dinner with him at an Italian restaurant. It was nice :D I'm kinda sad but I'll see him in two weeks. And then I'll get to see him for 3 weeks straight. Yay.

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