Thursday, December 2, 2010

Crazy Story....

Once upon a time there was a man with a Korean daughter. She was very fond of one girl and would cling to her for hours and hours. The man and his brother went out to lunch with the brother's family and discussed numerous topics. The girl that the Korean girl loved could not get a word in edge wise when finally her father asked everyone to let her talk. After she talked she went up to her dorm room to find her boyfriend, his family, and her two best friends cooking Christmas dinner. Her two best friends were also cleaning out the brunette's fish tank. She was very confused as to how an oven got into her dorm room, but she accepted it. Then she and her two friends took the fish tank outside to empty it. They went out the back of the dorm building onto a sandy yard that had millions of baby turtles crawling around, and the blond was very concerned about stepping on them. So the three went to the front of the building and rinsed it out with a hose. The trio then went out and saw that a carnival of sorts was taking place outside, and went to join it. The main girl went over to a tree and her boyfriend's former girlfriend approached her and grabbed her arm while saying "Congratulations" in an insincere voice. The ex-girlfriend had a friend with her who said sarcastically, "That was sincere..." The main girl was very confused as to why she was being congratulated. She looked over and a man on stilts was throwing disks as far as he could into a lake. Again the girl was confused so she and her two friends went back inside. The girls were somehow on the 1oth floor of the dorm, and the main girl knew something was wrong. As soon as they started going down, the elevator was dropping fast and it fell all the way to the first floor. Luckily the main girl grabbed onto something before it hit the bottom and she was saved, but the other three girls (a third girl appeared out of thin air) were lying motionless on the ground. The girl sprang up to check if the blond was ok. She shook her and screamed "Are you ok?? Can you hear me??!!" And the blond grabbed the girl, and proceeded to press her face into her..... cleavage. Knowing the blond was back to normal, the girl then checked on the brunette, shaking her and asking her the same questions. The brunette sat and sleep-like and said "Yeah yeah I'm fine...". Then the girl went over to the stranger and asked if she was ok. She appeared to be one of their friends and gave the girl a huge grin, assuring her that she was ok. The four girls then had to walk up the stairs, when all of a sudden a handful of their boy friends started racing them up the stairs. The girls were displeased because of the traumatic experience they had just been through. The immature boys however, found it entertaining and continued to race them up the stairs. One of the boys held out a match to the main girl, who didn't know it was a match. He said "If you grab this it will help you get to the top of this car" (which at this point was what they were racing to the top of) Not knowing any better, she grabbed the match and it burst into flames, causing the girl to fall over. She uttered a few profanities at the boy with the beard and earrings and suddenly a police car showed up. The girl was scared that she would be arrested for using those words, when suddenly I woke up from my dream :D

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