Monday, December 6, 2010

"KIM! This picture makes your boobs look massive!!!"

....Thanks Betsey..... wah. Haha Today was surprisingly a good Monday!
I had psychology ( in which I actually participated), math (in which the air felt like "blankets" according to my friend), and Spanish (in which I had to turn in a DVD of myself talking) but I got an A on it so I was thrilled.
I took an amazing nap after classes. It was... amazing...
Then I walked over to DHall for Small Group dinner with Paige :D
It was so fun!! We had our Christmas partyyy! We played charades, exchanged gifts, took pictures, and ate yummy nummies :D

And you know what I realized? I love the time period between Halloween and New Years. Reasons why:
1.) Halloween.
2.) My birthday.
3.) Thanksgiving.
5.) New Years.

It's just so fun! And I especially love the whole month of Christmas. So I was thinking about it and I decided that when I'm older I want to get married during winter!!!!!!!! It's just one more thing to add to all the reasons I love this time of year!! :D Ok. Good. Glad yall agree with me.

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