Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tuesdays are funky. Not a cool funky though.

Oh Tuesdays. How I used to hate you when I did gymnastics. They were the worst days.
But that is my life no more, and I am therefore subjected to hating Tuesdays at JMU.

Anyway. I got a paper back in GWRIT this morning. Received an A-. Not too shabby eh eh? Considering I bull crippy crapped it, I was pretty pleased.

I finished a (hopefully) decent paper for GHIST about the book We Wish To Inform You We Will Be Killed With Our Families. I would recommend it, it's about the Rwandan genocide. Tis depressing buuut good.

Then I basically did a little homework and chilled in my dorm for the rest of the night. Watched Glory Daze with Meghan. That show is funny!!!!! :D And I talked to Eric which was good. I like being comfortable enough to explain things to him. Tis gooda gooda. I think I'm going to "sleep" aka facebook, itunes, youtube, blogger, twitter, email, then sleep.

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