Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Song of Solomon

So I'm going to start reading Song of Solomon. Mostly because I think it sounds pretty. And it's very poetic. Sadly, I could not really understand what it was about so far, I mean I saw the word "love" a lot but..... it's the Bible, there's all sorts of versions of love in there.

So, like a stereotypical millennium child would do, I looked it up online. Yes, I went there. A girl can use her resources can't she!?

From what I can see, it is about love between a husband and a wife. Coolio.


  1. Song of Solomon is about the love between a husband and wife, but it is also about God's love for us...all at the same time. So keep that in mind while you're reading :) it's supposed to mean represent both. definitely one of my favorite books

  2. sweet! thanks elsbeth that helps :D pshhh i do'nt know what im doin!! im little kim. lil kim.