Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Justin Bieber.

I think everyone needs to hug Justin Bieber. He either gets a lot of love or a lot of hate. And it makes me sad. He can't help that he's what, 16, 17? We were all 17, maybe our voices were a teeny bit lower and we weren't pop stars catering to a screaming mass of pre-teens, but that doesn't mean we have to hate him! "He's a person too!" No seriously he is! Some people don't get what the love attraction for him is, well I don't froggin understand the hate attraction for him! He's just a dude singin (which for some of you is a relative term when it comes to him) geez! There's tons of singers we don't like but we don't hate all of them! Tis weird. And come one he's cute! And he seems nice! Just because he's famous doesn't mean he isn't real guys.........Be nice to the Bieb!!!


  1. People don't like him for a bunch of reasons, I mean look at the kid, looks like a fruit, but I gotta say I can respect him for how he markets himself and makes bank. He's got the preteen set in the palm of his hand.

    But, I can see why people don't like him for his cockiness. He said that he's the "Kurt Cobain of this generation", basically likening himself to one of the most generally respected and talented songwriters of recent times. Lame Bieb, lame.

    Oh and his music sucks.

  2. True that is lame. But. People say stupid shit all the time, worse than that.

  3. Buuuuut most people aren't in a position to be heard by millions around the world.


  4. I meant celebrities say stupid shit all the time.