Thursday, March 24, 2011


pastor phillip :D

Another thing you may want to take from this lesson is to get rid of the idea that every single step of your life has been mapped out by God, and that it’s your job ahead of time to figure out what those steps are. It appears God doesn’t really guide like that, and God isn’t that much of a control freak. People of faith can often get stuck in that trap, though, always waiting for some special secret oracle, some clear signpost that will let them know which path at the fork in the road to take. They worry and wonder about which decision would actually be in God’s will. I mean, sometimes there may be signs, mentors, who can point away. But the danger is getting frozen in your tracks, paralyzed by the thought that your powers of decision may somehow nullify God’s ability to bring good from any circumstance

The cross is evidence of God’s ability to redeem any decision we make.

what i needed. and need to remember.

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  1. You're welcome, Kim.

    I found this blog post by Donald Miller exceptionally helpful. He has influenced my understanding of this...