Friday, March 11, 2011


Denny's. Don't ask. Because I can't really explain.

So I had lunch with Ariel today and it was fabulous!!
It was so awesome to catch up with someone that used to be my sister basically. I'm definitely going to rebuild that relationship. And that makes me really excited.

At around dinner time I met up with Kat, Eric, Alex, Colin, Jesse, and Josh. It was kind of a random group of people, but that's ok.

After dinner it was just Kath, Alex, Eric and me makin walmart runs for cake mix and redbox. We had a lot of fun baking a cake, playing Burger King kid's meal games, takin pics, Kat's car getting saran wrapped, watching a creepy movie. It was really cool getting to hang out with Alex. I missed him!!

But yes. I am tired. And in a content mood. Praise the Lord.

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