Sunday, March 6, 2011

om nom a gon

Yayy Spring Break! Some things that have already happened:

-awesome reunion/lunch with Haley
-Baker's Crust for our 9 month with Eric.
-Hangin out with my girls
-Waffle House amazingness. AKA drunk guys bein crazy. And singing OM NOM A GON with Steph ;)

-photo shoot with Liz and Kat (you'll see those stop crying everyone)
-dinner with Liz, Kat, Steph, Rachel, Elsbeth, Colin, and Matt.
-other shenanigans. involving. something.
-crazy croc movies at Liz's.

So happy I'm back for spring break!!!! I'm just chillin at home today which will be nice. I'm tired already haha and my mumma and I are gonna watch a movieeee yay!!!!

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