Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Am I right to be a little worried about sleeping with the door open? I love my roommate, but she asked me to open the door as we were getting in bed because it was so hot. I personally get freaked out by sleeping with the door open... even in my own house. Soooo I'm a little sketched out right now. I don't like the thought of random people being able to see me while I'm sleeping.. especially because we're the first room on the hall. Anddddd not that I think anyone will take my stuff, but I mean if someone did decide to be bitchy and take my lap top or something I'd be pissed!! Bahh. I don't want to make her mad so I'm going to try to leave the door open. Hopefully I can fall asleep. Without anything getting stolen. Or being watched. Or being raped. Wahhhhhhhh sweet baby Jesus help me.

Tehe. No but seriously.

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