Thursday, September 2, 2010

"You're a freak." "Then why do you hang out with me?" "Because I still like you.."

Today has been pretty good so far. I woke up early. Showered. Got ready for class. Checked my email. And saw that class was cancelled. Which was nice... but.... I had already gotten ready!! And I can't sleep during the day. So I just did laundry for the first time.... I didn't ruin my clothes! I also cleaned because KATHRYN IS COMING THIS WEEKEND! SO STOKED! And I did a little Spanish, Psych, that's about all. Then I ate lunch with Samantha by the lake. It was pretty. Then we walked to the outpost. (a cheaper version of the JMU bookstore). Thennnnn we chilled in her dorm and thennnn we went to Target. We didn't realize that the bus that took us there wouldn't bring us back to school for over an hour so I called my brother to come pick us up. Twas very nice of him. Then we ate burnt cheeseburgers...fries... and cookies for dinner. So much for our diet. It was fun though. Me and Sam spend way too much time with each other. We're rooming together next year though so I'm excited :D I love that girl haha. Even though she thinks I'm a freak.

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