Sunday, September 5, 2010

"Peace! Love and Happiness!!"

Today we had Intervarsityyyy! I really liked it. We all met and up and our small group leaders (Melissa and Betsey) asked if we would get in their cars.... kinda sketchy sounding! But we all crammed in and drove to their house. They then proceeded to ask us what their similarities were.... and we obviously said "you both have curly hair...." So in order to unify us they curled all of our hair. It was quite fun. Then we drew hippie symbols all over ourselves before we completely failed at the volleyball tournament with the other groups. That's ok. It was still fun. Then they took us to the arboretum and we played a game and talked and it was nice. Tomorrow we're meeting for a small group dinner. Every monday I think. I'm so excited I have a thing to go to now! Yay! Excitement :D

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