Saturday, September 18, 2010

Food babies, Ben and Jerry's, and JMU movie nights :D

So despite being the only girls on the JMU campus who did NOT go out and get totally wasted last night, we still had fun. Bea, Hanna and I went to D Hall (my fave) and ate a LOT. Phoebe, my food baby for those of you who didn't know, was basically about to be birthed. It was fun though. We were laughing so hard we probably made a scene. Yall know how loud I laugh.....
Afterwards though we watched Wall E. It was funnnn! We went to get Ben and Jerry's at some point... and we ran into Claudia. She wanted to watch a movie so we were nice and befriended her for the night. No more comments on that subject. We watched Waterboy which was ok but it was fun being with everyone. Thennn we went to sleepy. And I woke up at 1:30 this afternoon. Not complaining :D

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