Thursday, November 11, 2010


I am so emotional right now! I keep going through such a range of emotions. I think I'm bipolarizing guys!!! Haha just kidding. It's just been a long week that needs to be over.
Here are some bad things about this week:

Spanish test that I barely got to study for and probably got a 1 on.

Stupid computer tests that all Freshman are required to take in the computer lab with not enough comps therefore the line is long and the tests are just hard in freaking general!!!!!! MAJOR UGG BOOTS!

Scheduling classes. Stress. I need a certain math class and was worried I couldn't get it and just. Blah.

Reading a book. That is good, but very long. Blah.

Good YAY!
Got an A on said Spanish test.

Finally passed one of the stupid computer tests... only 2 more by next Friday! Yay...ish.

I scheduled my classes! And got the math I need buuuut it's at 8am. I may be able to change it though.

Anddd I also got a 100 on a paper I totally crapped my way through. Go me!!

I just need to keep reminding myself that I'm not alone and God always helps me.. it's just hard to sometimes. But it does keep me calmer so I need to start doing that more. Lala.

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  1. You are NEVER alone! He is always there for you, and so am I! I'm just a call away whenever you need to vent about anything, just like we used to on the way to school! Haha. Seriously. Those were like our vent sessions. Even if we didn't say anything, we were venting. Haha! I love you mucho!!