Sunday, November 7, 2010

"My nipple is chaffed...does that ever happen to you?"

This weekend has been fun :D :D
So listen up children it's story time!!
Oh wait I already blogged about Friday. Ok well yall will know why I'm so disoriented in a minute.
Sooo Saturday: Woke up... at 10. By Nancy. That's ok though becauseeee Jack and Kelly arrived and then we went to Shortpump where my mom bought me new gray Tom's for my birthday :D I was very pleased.

Then we went home and just hung out. It was nice. I love having Jack and Kelly home. Well wait I was home too. I keep forgetting I'm in college now haha.
Eric came over a little before dinner... I don't usually let people in my house because I'm self conscious about it's crap factor but he (or so he says) doesn't care. Sooo we ate dinner and then of course... played games.... haha no it's funnnn I just get ADD sometimes.

Actually it got pretty intense I think. But after we spend a while playing games we headed over to Liz's house and hung out for a little while with Chandler, Kathryn, and Austin before going to Walmart to get Meagan a present. Which means we made a QUAFFLE HOUSE TRIP with Elizabeth, Eric, Carlton, and Ricardo. It was amazing. As always.

Then we just went back to Elizabeth's and hung out for like 2 more hours and had really deep conversations about religion.... haha it was cool. And then we moved on to more normal topics.. you know.. nipples.. that sort of thing. At about 4:30 we decided we mightttt wanna head home so I went to bed at 5 and woke up at 7:30 to go to church. Needless to say I'm slightly dysfunctional right now and greatly looking forward to a nap. Haha. But all in all good weekend :D I'm a lucky.. or I guess I should say blessed.. girl :D

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