Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Random thoughts..

Woke up at 9:33 and had to turn in a paper at... 9:30. Ran to class in my pajamas.
It feels like fall today :D
I braided my hair so it would be wavy. I like when it's wavy.
I got an A- on a history paper
I had dinner with Paige and Sarah. Twas fun.
I joined a synchronized swimming club that one of my friends from small group is forming. Holla.
I'm coming home this weekend. I'm very excited.
I think I'm ADD.
I'm thirsty.
I didn't wear any make up today and sometimes it's nice being all natural... being you in your purest form.


  1. you are so crazy! hahaha. i love you! it's things like this that make me wish i lived with you :) wahhh! haha.

  2. i love that you ran to class in your pjs to turn in a paper. haha!