Saturday, November 6, 2010

"Teach me how to Snuggie"

I feel inadequate and that's annoying.

Anywho. So this week was really stressful. I had so much work and I never got a break even after I finished a big assignment... I had to move right on to the next one. But the week finally came to a close thank God.
Which means that today I got to come home!! :D Eric picked me up at like 3 ish and when we got back to Richmond we dropped my stuff off at home and talked to my mom for a little while. Then we went to Bottom's Up. I love that place. It made me happy.
Thennn we awkwardly went to his friend's house for .7 seconds and thennnn headed over to Paranormal Activity 2. Let me just say, that movie was scary. Haha.
Thennn Eric dropped me off at Liz's and we talked/went to Waffle House/went to Walmart. It was fun. I miss being home. I miss my boyfriend. I miss my best friends. I miss my family. I miss my boyfriend. :D But there's only 2 more weeks until Thanksgiving break!! Holla!!

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