Thursday, January 20, 2011

It takes my breath away, what happened to it all?

Was it nothing? Did we just fall apart to the point where our relationship would have to be rebuilt? Does it need to be mended?

Is it that you don't love me anymore? You found someone else to replace me? Or are you as afraid to try again as I am? Does it enter your mind? Because I think about it all the time.
Did you not think of me as your other half, the way I thought of you?

Is there someone else taking your time, taking your better judgement, taking your memories?

Do you miss it? Do you miss me? There was enough history that qualified us as something special, enough to justify how I feel.

Do you need someone to pull you out of what's apparently consuming you? Or do you like the hold that's been put on you.

Maybe you don't remember what it used to be like. Maybe you don't remember the times I helped you through, the things we experienced, cried through together.

I'd understand. I just want to know why it is always on my mind. Why does it actually hurt my stomach when I think about it more than I should. I know the answer, but it always hurts to admit that we had something worth losing.

I'll try to rebuild what we had when I know your silence won't hurt anymore.

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