Sunday, January 30, 2011

weekend shenanigans

This weekend was fun :D
Eric came on Friday :D We went to dinner with peeps and then sprawled out as a result of our food babies.... but later that night we went sledding. Which was kind of a fail but we all had fun.

On Saturday Eric and I met up with Jack and Kelly for lunch. Twas very fun. I luh my brother. Later on Eric and I headed to "downtown" Harrisonburg. Yawn. It was cute, but, it's no downtown Richmond (I think both Eric and I can agree on that). We basically shopped all day between Target and Old Navy. Well. I only shopped for a second, the rest of the time was spent on stressing about what to buy. Ask Eric.

We went to dinner with Hannah and Joel after a long day of shopping, which was nice. Considering I had the hungry grumpiessss. Again, ask Eric. After that we basically just hung out. Twas fun. I love having him here. It makes me want him to go here sometimes. But. This is life. I'll take what I can get. Which is loveliness in the form of a boy named Eric. He is honestly too good for me. But. I could go on and on about this boy. So I'll stop. Last thing: He'll be here in two weeks for Valentine's Day yayy!!


  1. aww yayyy coming for valentines day! and yes, totally agreed that nothing beats downtown rva.