Saturday, January 1, 2011

This...Is....NEW YEAR'S!!!!

Giant reese's cups. Fun pictures. Squeezing onto the couch. Fake champagne. Counting down the ball drop. Pretend dance parties. Weird scary movies. (Did we even finish that?) Restlessness on the couch. Chat Roulette. Trying to sleep. Flying Jenga blocks. Farting on people. Tickle/hitting/rolling around on the floor/pinching fights with Elizabeth. Whining about wanting to go to Waffle House for 3 hours. Finally fitting on the couch. Semi falling asleep on the couch. Realizing it's bright outside. Feeling drunk. Going to Waffle House at 9 in the morning. Coming home and sleeping til 4.

Having the best New Year's ever.... yeahhhh.

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