Monday, January 17, 2011


Today at small group our theme for the night was "Prayerful".
We basically talked about praying: how to, when to, what about, tips on how to help your prayers, etc. It was pretty awesome because it's a topic that is really relevant.

Here are some of the things we talked about concerning praying:

-When something good happens, praise God through prayer.
On the same note, when something bad happens, pray. (that's usually not an issue, kind of a no brainer)

- Emma said she has a symbol, a butterfly ring for example, to remind you of God and that reminds you to pray.

- Writing down your prayers.

- Getting a devotional to help inspire ideas of what to pray for.

-Notice things around you and pray about them. Pray every morning you wake up.. it's not a given that you will.... it's a blessing.

- Even listening to Christian songs sometimes can help remind you to pray.

So yeah. We talked about a ton of things and it was just a really great small group tonight. It gave me suggestions and things to think about. Yay.

"There is no Rock like our God." 1 Sam 2:2

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