Sunday, July 18, 2010

When I was little.......

When I was little I hugged horses in toy stores. I wore jumpers. I thought when people chewed gum they were chewing their tongues. I was the pink power ranger. I played with dolls for hours. I didn't believe in Santa. Everyone was the same. I wanted to be in movies. I was shy. I pretended. Hide and seek was my favorite game. I called her Mommy. I cried. I stuck my head out the car window. I jumped in puddles. I picked dandelions. I dreamed about my husband. I wanted long hair. I watched Arthur. I didn't care if people liked me. I barely looked in mirrors. I looked in mirrors but didn't criticize what I saw. I didn't think. I spun. I didn't cuss. I kept in touch. I didn't know my brothers. I ate hamburger buns with ketchup on it. I tried to walk on air.

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