Monday, July 12, 2010

red robin, tie dye, and waffle house oh my! :)

Red Robin: Yummy burgers. Except when you eat them too fast and have a stomach ache for an hour and have to get your bff to rub it for you. (thanx liz)

Tie Dye/Hair Dye: Tie dying is so much fun. I love getting things messy. And getting my hands inky. And looking like I killed someone with my bare hands YES! I also love hair dye. It's fun having different hair for a little while. Especially when one must take senior pictures in a week. Gnarly.

Waffle House: The good, the bad, the choco chip waffles. I love this house of goodness. It never ceases to be an adventure. There's always something new to learn at Waffle House. Oh yes. This is summer :)

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