Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Woffee House!

Yet again, Waffle House has been my source of entertainment for the night. I do love that place. Twas Elizabeth, Stephania, Carlton, and Eric and we were all a lilllllll too hyper. But it was hilarious. We managed to make a new friend, Meagan. She was our waitress for the noche. I have to admit we definitely scared her a lil bit. We also had some stalkers. The two....people.... behind us were sketchin us out. And thennnn a group of know it all, too cool for school 20 somethings sat behind us. And they were very angry at us. Buuuut you know what?? They were just jealous. And I think we told them to suck itttttt quite a few times. All in all though, it was a really funny night. I love laughing uncontrollably with my best friends. It's my favorite thing in the world :)

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