Saturday, July 10, 2010

Shut out

I know my family life is a lot better off than most people's but it really sucks not being able to say what I want to my mother. I can't open up and tell her how I feel. If she gets pissy at me I have to take it because she will take everything away and sorry but I kinda need stuff to uhhh... live... She gets to be mad at me but I can't tell her how mad I really get. Because I won't get to go to college. Or she'll take my car away. Or she'll ground me. Or she'll take my clothes. Yeah she's threatened me with that one before.. And most people think I'm exaggerating. It's just emotionally tiring having to keep in everything. I can't tell her that she hurts my feelings or she is unreasonable or just closed minded and it's really old. Soo since I can't tell her, and I can't just sit here and scream about it all I can think of to do is cry. Which sucks. My mom makes me cry. Sweet. Love you too.

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