Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"10 percent bitch!"

Me and Elizabeth won't go to the pool for 15 minutes then get bored. We won't go to Belle Isle and get sketched upon by like 70 groups of people. Nope. We won't take crazy amounts of pictures while we're there either. We definitely won't fall several times trying to get to THE rock. And we won't watch an old...person... talk to themselves.. and us? We won't die of thirst either. We won't go to Bottom's Up and get pizza juice squirted in our eyes. And why would you think our waiter would be such a whore?? And we didn't give her 10% tip because she wouldn't give us our freakin soda refills. No way. We won't walk down cary street for about 1o minutes then walk back. Who do you think we are? And we won't jam to music brah. It's against our religion. We would never sit around doing nothing and just talk about everything. Like. Whaaaa? Nope. We did none of that. We won't do it. Nahhh jay kay we totes mcgotes did :)

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