Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Picture Numero Dos

Soooo dis is mi second picture. I was at Busch Gardens all day with Eric but I didn't bring my camera :( I defffffff missed out on lots of picture taking oportunities. Buuuut that's ok here's my sweet (un-used) buzz light year band-aid on my lap top. Don't be too jealous. It's unattractive. Anywho. Today was fun :) Me and Eric went to Busch Gardens for like......ever :)
I love roller coasters. They're the bomb dot com. And we rode the Griffon finally!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bahh new favorite roller coaster. Thennnn we went to Waffle House. Oh wait we ate weiners in Germany. Anyway we saw Meagan at Casa de.... wafalas. I love her. I guess. Haha even though she thinks I'm on drugs. That's ok. Alright. My feet are sunburnt. WOOOOOH. Worth it though brahhhhs.

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