Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pajama Party!!! :)

Soo after me and Kat had zero luck at forever 21 today (shocker.. no seriously) I went to RICARDO'S!!!!! house with Eric and... Ben.... and another dude. Imagine Josh.... with more energy... and more sexual jokes... and more awkward comments....times like 3. That's Ben. It was fun though. I think hanging out with boys is hilarious. There's so much less drama it's kinda nice. And being the only girl is fun. We basically hung out, went to Ricardo's restaurant, went back to his house and failed at watching a movie so me, rico, and eric went to eric's house to watch it. Then we just talked... I think Ricardo is the funniest kid ever. Buuuut yeah it was really fun. Me gustaaaaa :)

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