Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Guys! It has been such a pretty day here!! Yay!

It has been a good day so far :D

-In GCOM we've been watching Hitch, which is HILARIOUS. I want to own it already. LOVE.

-In Spanish I got a B on a test that we get to re-take on Monday. Holla!

-I went to UREC, biked for 30 minutes, then stretched (gymnast stretching, yah I go hardcore) which I hadn't done in forevs. I'm so stiff. I don't like it! So it was good to get back into the groove of that. I also did some curl ups and other stomach exercises. Working out is very relaxing to me. Rawr. I miss working out 6 days a week for 4 hours a day. HA just kidding but it's a change. And I do miss being really athletic.

-On top of all that, it's just beautiful outside! The weather definitely makes a difference on my mood. This is good when the weather is awesome, not so much when it's not. Whatevs. I'm livin in the moment yawwllll. Like my southern drawl? Yeah. You do.

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