Monday, February 14, 2011


Today was a pretty satisfying Monday.
We started watching Hitched in GCOM. I've never seent that movie. Tis funny so far. Will Smith is awesome. Don't tell me Will Smith isn't awesome.

I had a Spanish test however, and that was a little yucky. But it's done with.

Thennnn I got lunch with Meghan, Hannah, and Bea at Green's, my favorite place on earth. It was chocolate day.

Then I went with Meghan to take the ISST test, a mandatory test we have to take to graduate. I totally bs-ed it, but passed! Holla!

I went to my stats professor's office hours after that for 2 hours. He actually gave me hope of not failing in that class, he's super nice. Thank you God for letting me have a nice,friendly math teacher. Never thought I'd see the day.....

Then Meghan and I went to a concert for her music class, it wasn't bad. Then we got Dukes, and I went to Carrier. Which is where I am now. Lala. But yeah. Pretty good Monday folks!

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