Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Slowly but surely....

getting through this week. I texted my dad today saying "I love you Daddy!" He of course responded with I love you Kimberly, and not I love you Kim. Which always makes me smile. He's the only one who calls me Kimberly. And the only who I allow to. It's his name. I mean it was his idea to name me Kimberly. Anywho he told me not to worry about this situation, he didn't want me to be distracted from my school work. He told me to "Pray for God's comfort and courage right now. Lean on him." And to read Romans 8. Which is a coinkeedink because I've been reading Romans. It was just nice to hear those words coming from the man who's job is being taken away from him in a month. It's very inspiring. And I can feel God working through those I surround myself with. Or maybe that's just them being nice. Either way. Well. I don't know. Not going to try to understand God fully, He is compli!! But good :D
I am going to listen to my dad and read Romans Yalllll!

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