Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wonderfully Made

Last night's small group was totally awesome dude! I really liked it and got a lot out of it.

It was all about body image which is really pertinent to me because I definitely struggle with that on a daily basis.
Some of the things we talked about are how we view our bodies: through comparisons, always finding something wrong or to fix, trying to meet a man made standard, hiding things we aren't fixing.

Then we read some Bible verses that were really helpful. The first one was psalm 139:
-one verse said we were "fearfully and wonderfully made." Wonderfully is an awesome word. God made us that way one purpose... that freckle on your cheek.. yeah that's there on purpose. (that's for me haha)

- it also stressed that the only one you should care about in respects to your body is God... He made you and He made everyone else so they have nothing over you... only He does and obviously He loves your body.. He made it.

Another point was that God doesn't make trash... you making fun of that kid's hair or nose is kind of making fun of something God made. You wouldn't go up to someone's art project and smash it into pieces; they spent a lot of time on that. So you shouldn't bash someone on how they look or God on the people He created. And if anything else, do you think that person had a choice in the genes they received? No.

-Another one I liked was Isaiah 43:7: "because you are precious in my sight, and honored, and I love you." Precious is a nice word isn't it??? Makes me feel cute.

We ALSOOO talked about how to be a woman in Christ. Which was again. Helpful:
-don't always seek attention. have confidence. know you are beautiful but be humble about it. BE CONTENT. And more modern day-ish, don't pour over the latest fashion. let it be. clothes are pieces of thread put together by a machine... it shouldn't define you.

Sorry this is so long yall. I don't like long posts. My b. But one more thing, it is probably honestly my FAVORITE VERSE NOW!!!! :D


Sorry for the caps but it is just the best verse ever! it is beautiful! We are beeeeeeutiful. God likes my weird hair, my little eyelashes, the boogers in my nose, my not pierced cartilage, my less than C/D boobs, my not flat stomach, my kinda big butt, my thunder thighs, my big feet. He loves me. So. Raise the roof or something like that.