Sunday, February 27, 2011

Unexpected but fun

weekend. So Friday night Eric basically decided to come visit me at 11, so he got here at about 1 am. I'm not complaining, it was nice.

Saturday my mom, dad, and mike came up to have lunch with us because Jack isn't going to be home on spring break and they wanted to at least see him. Kelly and obviously Eric came along with us and it was really fun. My family is quite loud and rambunctious.

Anywho, I basically just bummed around all weekend, which was fine with me. I like that. It's cool dawg, espesh when I have my boyfriend hur with me.

He left today and twas a little sad, but not really because I shall see him and KATHRYN STRIZZY STRAW next week. Holla. Holla to the max. Tehehe.

To sum it all up, twas a lovely weekend.


  1. i love that my name was in all caps. :D cant wait to see YOUUUU!!!!! EEEEE!!

  2. hehehehhee well duh your name is gonna be in all caps shoot!