Monday, October 18, 2010

"Are you straight edge...?"

What a weekend!!
Friday: My mom drove me and Stephanie home. Then me and Elizabeth stopped by the Homecoming game at Freeman to watch Mike play in the band. We met up with Rachel, Kelsey, Katelyn, Julie, and Samantha there. It was cool being back... made me miss senior year a little bit.
Then we went back to Elizabeth's and hung out a little I believe before heading over to Waffle House. We saw Maegan!! It was amazing. I love that place. Then me and Steph slept over at Liz's which was fun :D

Saturday: Woke up. Went to Casa Grande with Mrs. Seward, Elizabeth, Alex, Eric, and Carlton. It was nicey :D
Then me, Eric, Elizabeth and Alex went to Maymont and took pictures and stuff. What else is new.

After that we went to Red Robin with Kat and then we met everyone at Liz's to go to Blood Lake. Which. Was quite scary. Because one dude kept following me. And Eric let it happen. Boyfriend fail. Tehe. Thennn what do you think we did? Yeah you're right we went to Waffle House.

Sunday: After much confusion, I ended up going to a show with Eric. To say the least, I felt very out of place. These kids look really mean, all tattooed up, random piercings, evil glares....well...kinda. But I just felt really out of place. Plus I'm not straight edge and it was "National straight edge day" or something. Eric kept telling me they won't get mad but I was a little intimidated so how was I supposed to know!!? So we walked in to get X's on our hands and they asked him if he was straight edge and he said yes and they gave him huge x's on his hands. Then he asked me if I was straight edge and apparently I said no really quietly and scared and the guy goes "It's ok I'm not going to light you on fire or something..." hahaha. Ugh. I'm a noob.
Anyways. I didn't think I would like going to a show at all... I was always too scared to go to one but I thought it was really fun. I mean I don't like the music and I've told Eric that.. numerous times. But the show was cool. I got pushed around a lot but I already knew that would happen. And I got shoved into a door which did hurt buuuut at least I didn't get punched in the head like Grayson did. I thought Eric was going to kill someone at first when he thought they punched me tehehe. I really wanna go to another one hahahaha. Anyway. Then we stopped by Waffle House... again... and then we went home. I mean JMU. Weird..

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