Saturday, October 30, 2010

I'm happy until something or someone reminds me that I can't just say hi to Eric whenever I want or just look at him... and that he's having so much fun with all of his best friends and I only have but so much to keep me distracted from how I really feel. And I see people holding hands and I get mad because they're rubbing it in my face that I've never just had a normal relationship.. not even during the summer because it was like the clock was constantly counting down the days I had to spend with everyone. And now I only see him once a month or 5 weeks and that's not fun. I mean I finally got used to someone finally caring about me like I always wanted, and then the end of August rolled around and I don't get to see him. There's a lot of time when I'm just sitting in my room doing homework alone and I just want to be with him. Love this feeling guys!!!!

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