Saturday, October 2, 2010

Family Weekend

So today my family came up for family weekend. Or for them it was more like family day. My mom and mike got here pretty early... only because my dad ran a race that jmu was holding at about.... 8 in the morning. We met up with Jack and Kelly and ate lunch outside of d hall. Then we headed over to the football game. It was really fun but unfortunately we lost :(
It was a downer but Kelly and I had fun screaming and eventually just making weird noises while we were cheering JMU on. Twas entertaining. And we got to see the James Madison girl AND the duke dog at the same time... hugging. Let's just say my mind was blown.

After the game we went to the bookstore and I got some sweatpants... eh. Since you can't really try on clothes at the bookstore I underestimated how big my badonkadonk was..... I'm going to need a medium. Dangit :D

And i felt so bad for my poor daddy because he is a picky person. Therefore he had a hard time choosing what he wanted to get...

First he wanted a zip up jacket... they didn't have any that didn't make him look fruity.
Then he wanted a shirt. All the ones he wanted were XXL. My dad is a tiny person.
Theeeeen he decided to get a sweatshirt. But I had to advise him on which one he should get. My mom, Jack, and Kelly had gone outside at this point but I felt bad for him and wanted him to get something so I stayed with him. I love my dad :D

Then we went to the Sprint store/Walmart/Jack's apartment and invited his roommate aka really good friend Chris to come to Outback with us. I really like Chris. He's kinda like an older brother to me. Oh wait. I already have one. Nevermind.

Dinner was fun. We were just a big happy family. Then we went to a concert put on by the JMU orchestra and choir and marching band. It was cool I suppose.

After that we stopped by Jack's apartment again and then my parents took me back to my dorm and here I am. It was fun. Kinda sad seeing them go though. Back to reality I guess!

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