Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I was texting Eric and he called me Kimberly and it made me happy. I love when people call me Kimberly. This is kind of a pointless post. But. It made me think of how little I'm called by my real name. Which I guess makes it sound prettier to me when I am called it. My dad is the only one who legitimately calls me Kimberly. Of course that's probably because it's his favorite name... hence why he named me that. Apparently he said at one point "There aren't any ugly girls named Kimberly so that's what we'll name her." I don't know how true that is though haha. Makes for a funny story though :D

According to urban dictionary......

Kimberly: The definition of amazing.

Then I looked up the Biblical meaning of Kimberly... "ruler". No big deal guys, no big deal.

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