Friday, October 22, 2010

we just have to wait and see

Sooo just took my psychology test. Wow. Um. That was definitely NOT and ego booster. Awesome. I just looked at my grades. They're ok I guess. I have an A in History (whaa?) a B in Spanish, a B- in Psycholoy, and a C in Math. I'd rather not have a C in math but.... I suck at math. I need at least a C- to be able to apply to the psychology major. Not that I want to do the bare minimum, but there is seriously something missing in my brain when it comes to math. And Indian teachers. Blah. I keep saying to myself "you need a break from school" but then I'm like no I can't take a break! I'm not doing that great already and if I take a break I'll be even more behind!! Grr. It's just weird living at school and eating at school. Just a weird concept. Plus I have no big distractors like I used to. I used to have gymnastics which was sometimes more important to me than school. I don't have that anymore so I feel like all of my focus is on school.... which is stressful at times. But. It's Friday. Yay.

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