Thursday, October 7, 2010

Random updates on my life... my day...

I'm hungry. Jersey shore was good tonight. I understood my math homework. I looked bigger in the mirror today. (?) I really like Bea :D I miss my doggy. My jeans are already dry. I vacuumed our floor. It didn't really work. I really need Elizabeth to crack my back. I miss my bathroom. I think I forgot what my house smells like. My callouses are completely gone from my hands... every time I go to touch them I feel like my hands are empty. My hair is getting longer yay. It's getting colder. The girls in my hall think I'm loud. I'm starting to become happier here. Jack is going to Kelly's for Thanksgiving. Sad. Sad that I get jealous of Kelly sometimes. I miss Pepito. I need to workout. My nose was bleeding earlier. I'm excited for tomorrow. And Saturday. And kind of Sunday. I have a history midterm next week. I'm going on really intense hiking trip in a few weeks. I'm finally learning the art of napping. Two days in a row baby! I wish I was friends with Snooki.

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