Monday, October 11, 2010

Well. That's Embarrassing.

Considering I've tried to post something for the past 10 minutes, I'm going to make this short.
FRIDAY: Erique picked me up. Took me to VCU. Ate. Walked around downtown. Creepy creep guy creeped on us. WAFFLE HOUSE! MEAGAN!
SATURDAY: We went to Busch Gardens. Creepy mask people scared me. Rode on roller coasters. Drunk people ran into us. WAFFLE HOUSE! MEAGAN! and Ricardo!
SUNDAY: Galaxy Diner. Drive to JMU. Jammed to 90's songs (Eric eventually ended that) and yeah. I did homework when I got back.

It was really nice coming back to Richmond.. I missed it. It was strange being there though without all my friends. I kept thinking to myself "Ahh let's go get Elizabeth and Kathryn and go to Waffle House.... oh wait." But this weekend I'll get to see all my besties! I'm so excited!!
It always sucks when Eric leaves though... ugh boots. Long distance sucks sometimes. At least he's not in Oklahoma like Bea's boyfriend.... bahhhh.


  1. I am so jealous that you went to waffle house and saw maegan TWICE this past weekend! wahhhh. next weekend?!

  2. it was so amazing! she came from behind the counter and gave me a hug!!! and she told me to bring everyone this weekend!!! love it :D :D